Stay in Tune

Now that you’ve taken the time to tune your drums and are enjoying the fuller, more cohesive sound of your kit, how do you keep it in tune? After all, hitting things with sticks isn’t exactly the easiest way to keep parts from moving and vibrating. Tune Your Drums sponsor Rimshot-Locs is a simple, easy to install drum tension locking system that will fit almost any drum that uses traditional “hoop-tension rod-lug” engineering for tightening and tuning the drum head. It’s an effective tool that prevents detuning effects of rimshots and an affordably priced long term fix for maintaining your tuning. A one-time installation of Rimshot-Locs can significantly transform even an entry level drum with unreliable tuning and poor tone into a precisely tuned instrument with reasonably good tone and precise notation. Rimshot-Locs will make every drum set stay in tune and sound better.